Our Story


  Colorado Kinetic Arts was born (is the brainchild) of the ingenuity and creativity of artist Michael Deragisch. His unique structural designs appear to float effortlessly, inviting the viewer to follow its movement while simultaneously being moved by the clean, artistic form. Each piece is an original and is the result of artful design and perfect balance. This combination is what makes the mobiles so captivating. Mobiles are most often associated with the renowned artist, Alexander Calder, or alternatively, with infant mobiles which hang over a crib to stimulate thought patterns of babies. Mr. Calder has been credited with inventing the form, but as a prolific artist in many mediums, his work has been appreciated by millions worldwide. Most of Calder’s works are massive and intended for outdoor installations. These beautiful pieces are out of reach for most of us—in both cost and scale.  Michael was first introduced to the art and craft of building mobiles in an art class in 1970. He entertained aspirations of becoming an artist at that time, and his professor suggested he pursue sculpture. Though his designs then were much simpler, the basic theory of balance and construction holds true today. Life happens, and Michael found a career home at CU Boulder where he fed his passion for music by implementing a radio station. He simultaneously dabbled with structural art, and he now has the time to commit to the creation of new works.  At present, all mobiles are designed for indoors, but each month he seeks to work with innovative ideas and pursue greater challenges. This pursuit helps keep the creative process fresh and leads to new concepts. His recent work has progressed from sketches to hand cutting to laser cutting for the most precise, clean edge. His first commissioned work, “Floating Notes,” hangs proudly over the piano of its owner. Feel free to discuss your ideas with him! He can create a unique piece for you should you so desire.     


February 2020... Apart from the R- Gallery where my works are on permanent display this February you can see a limited number of my works in two Boulder locations.

 The First Congregational Church, located at the intersection of Broadway and Pine, two blocks north of Pearl in Boulder.

MAKER MADE: an exhibit of locally handcrafted goods of all types!  I will be showing two works there from February 7th through March 3rd.


"I love seeing the notes floating over the piano...always in motion. Visitors to our home simply love the piece."  Commissioned work owner.

Presentations and Workshops

Please contact me for scheduling a "HOW TO BUILD A MOBILE"  seminar .  This can be a hands on workshop for your organization.  For groups of 5 to 25.


Q. What material do you use?

A. Most mobiles are made of wood or foam core.  Wood allows shapes to be more durable, however foam core allows for maximum movement with minimal air flow.

Q. Why do some of your works seem to have limited movement?

A. Some designs flow slowly so they will retain a desired array of style and shape.  An example of this would be "Wooden Sun."

Q. How can you afford to sell your works at such reasonable prices.  

A. Currently all works are sold directly to the patron.  If sold in galleries costs would certainly be higher.